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Aide Support in Schools

Special education is federally mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), but federal funding to effectively implement the requirements of IDEA is dismal, and California's budget deficit has led to massive cuts in education. BalanceSCC bridges the funding gap by "giving back" to public schools through subsidized rates for instructional assistants, free trainings for teachers and paraprofessionals, and free on-site behavioral support. BalanceSCC leaves the profit margin in the schools, helping students to receive the services they deserve, and ultimately saving school districts  tens of thousands of dollars annually. 

Respite Support

Respite providers work in the home, or in the community, with people under 22 years of age. Respite care is meant to allow the person to maintain their regular routine, while allowing their primary caregivers to get a break from their demanding role.

KidQuest Program

        The KidQuest Program was founded in 2007 for children and young adults aged four to twenty-two. The KidQuest Program is founded on the idea that children and young adults with unique needs to learn socialization skills with their peers as well as adults. In October 2007, the KidQuest program was named “Community Resource of the Year" at the San Andreas Regional Center's “Service Above Self" awards. The program has an activity room for music, theater, art, cooking, and games. Our collection of engaging books promotes literacy skills, while gardening and our pet shrimp (Copernicus) teaches children about science, sustainability, and responsibility. 

At KidQuest, we believe that every person, no matter their ability level has a unique gift to share with the world, and KidQuest provides a community in which to cultivate that gift. The Social Center is a place where opportunities for enriched social activities are offered daily. It is through these various activities that we encourage our participants to socialize and express themselves freely. We feel that confidence and creativity blossom when our participants challenge themselves and recognize their inner strengths. Our goal is that our participants will meet acquaintances that lead to life-long friends and start hobbies that lead to life skills and future career opportunities. We strive to teach each participant the joy of friends, the pleasures of real work, and the meaning of community.

Trainings and Workshops

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BalanceSCC understands the value of a highly trained, skilled workforce, and as such provides:

1. Varied workshops throughout the year that are current to existing needs

2. Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training for our staff throughout the year

3. Onsite training and support provided to BalanceSCC staff on an as needed basis

Fundraising Events

BalanceSCC is a non-profit organization that fundraises for two main purposes:

1. Teacher Grant Foundation

2. Kid Quest Program

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our donations page.

If you would like to help us raise money for either of these programs, we are always looking for help with soliciting donations for our annual fundraisers. Please send us an email balance@balancescc.org or call us (831)-464-8669.

Teacher Grant Foundation

Our children are shaped by the experiences they have and the values they are taught at home and in school. Teachers hold a special place in all of our hearts for the impact they have on our kids now and in the future. Teachers work hard, and they face budget cuts that threaten classroom supplies, children's services, and their salaries. BalanceSCC understands the struggles that all teachers endure while trying to provide the best education for our children. As an acknowledgement of appreciation for all their hard work, BalanceSCC created the Teacher Grant Foundation that teachers and service providers can apply to in order to get more financial support towards supplies and other needs of the classroom.

BalanceSCC has been fundraising since 1999 and you can see the items that have been purchased over the years by visiting our Previously Awarded Grants page.

If you are a teacher or service provider and you would like to apply for a Teacher Grant, please visit our Grant Application page for more information and instructions on how to fill out and submit the application form.

BalanceSCC Impact Reports
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2022 Impact Report
2021 Impact Report