Teacher Grants

 The 2023 BalanceSCC Teacher Grant submissions are now closed.

BalanceSCC Teacher Grant Foundation

BalanceSCC has been fundraising since 1999 and you can see the items that have been purchased over the years by visiting our Previously Awarded Grants page.

The BalanceSCC Teacher Grant Program is an initiative aimed at supporting teachers and service providers to obtain necessary supplies for students with unique needs. As an organization, we understand the importance of providing adequate resources to ensure every student receives the education they deserve.


The main objective of the BalanceSCC Teacher Grant Program is to combat the inadequate resources available for students with unique needs. By offering grants  to teachers and service providers, we aim to empower them to innovate in their classrooms and provide the necessary tools for students' success.

Program Details:

1. Application Process: Every fall, teachers and service providers can submit their applications directly to their district for approval. See grant guidelines. 

2. Funding Goal: BalanceSCC aims to raise funds from the community each year to support this program. This financial support directly contributes to providing the necessary supplies and resources for teachers and service providers.

3. Selection Process: Applications will be reviewed by the BalanceSCC Board to determine the allocation of funds. 

4. Grant Distribution: Once the applications have been reviewed and approved, the grant funds will be disbursed directly to the selected teachers and service providers. These funds can then be used to purchase essential supplies and resources to support students with unique needs.

5. Community Involvement: The BalanceSCC Teacher Grant Program heavily relies on the support of the community. We encourage individuals and organizations to contribute to our fundraising efforts to ensure that every teacher has access to the resources they need to empower their students.

By supporting the BalanceSCC Teacher Grant Program, we directly address the resource gaps that exist for students with unique needs. Together, we can make a significant impact on the quality of education they receive and empower teachers to provide innovative learning experiences.

For more information about the BalanceSCC Teacher Grant Program, please contact Ashley Basanese.