Teacher Grants

 The 2022 BalanceSCC Teacher Grant Process closed on October 31st.
The next Grant Process will begin October 1st, 2023.

BalanceSCC Teacher Grant Foundation

Our children are shaped by the experiences and values that they are taught at home and in school. Teachers work hard while dealing with budget cuts towards classroom supplies and their own salaries. BalanceSCC understands the struggles that all teachers endure while trying to provide the best education for our children. As an acknowledgement of appreciation for all their hard work, BalanceSCC has a Teacher Grant Foundation that teachers can apply for in order to get more financial support towards supplies and other needs of the classroom.

Teachers hold a special place in all of our hearts and if you appreciate teachers' hard work, please visit our donations page.

BalanceSCC has been fundraising since 1999 and you can see the items that have been purchased over the years by visiting our Previously Awarded Grants page.