Grant Application

Our Teacher Grant program deadline for 2021 was October 31. We are no longer accepting applications.

We will start accepting applications for 2022 Teacher Grants in September of 2022.

How to Apply for a Grant

1. Complete a cover letter.

2. Complete the Grant Application Questionnaire/itemization form.

3. Make sure to correctly follow the specifications on the itemization page.

4. Return your completed application (with your director's signature) by October 31, to:


143 Molly Way

Santa Cruz, CA 95065.

All guidelines in the Grant Application must be followed. Failure to do so will result in an automatic refusal by technical review.

All applications must be signed by your director.

Please note:

Supporting materials submitted as part of your grant application cannot be returned.

Please do not submit any materials for which you do not have a copy.

After completing technical review, and review by the Board, a list of awards will be sent out to all directors.

Grant applications are scored before they are awarded and extra points are given to those applicants who have assisted with fundraisers during the year. Click here to view a sample of the scoring rubric.