Santa Cruz Gives

Thanks to all of our donors and fundraisers,

we surpassed our goal!!!


Santa Cruz Gives is a holiday fundraising program founded in 2015 in Santa Cruz County. The goal is to create a local network of donors and increase giving via crowdsourcing, as we are able to reach more donors. By making it easy to give to various nonprofits on one site, we hope to inspire donors to dig a little deeper and give a little more than they might otherwise.

Santa Cruz Gives is project-based. Donors will be motivated by both the mission of an organization and a special project chosen for this campaign. At, each nonprofit has a profile page, it’s simple to use the shopping cart to give, and the leaderboard makes it exciting to watch your favorite nonprofits tick up in donations as totals are tracked in real time.

In an effort to increase donations BalanceSCC is tacking on a raffle incentive. For every $10 donated, a raffle ticket will be submitted for the donor AND the BalanceSCC staff they are supporting, if applicable. (If donating in honor of a staff member please be sure to select "This is an honory gift" when checking out and include the staff person's name)

Ex: If you donate $50 to support BalanceSCC aide Rachel James, you will both have 5 entries into our raffle.

Raffle to be held the first week of January once all donations are in and tallied!


November 17th - December 31st


As a local nonprofit organization serving school districts, young people, and families, we understand the strain on personal and organizational finances caused by the health crisis and devastating natural disasters. Still, like many non-profit organizations, we depend upon community giving to sponsor many of our amazing programs.

Here is a snapshot of BalanceSCC programs currently supporting the Santa Cruz community:

  • Our highly qualified, in-class, paraprofessionals support our schools at a subsidized rate, saving the districts we serve tens of thousands of dollars each year.

  • Our Teacher Grant Fund provides over $25,000 in supplies annually - from computers to therapeutic equipment- directly to local teachers and service providers.

  • Kid Quest - our social recreational after school and weekend program - enables children and young adults to form friendships and participate in activities like music making, book club, cooking, theater, gardening, and community field trips. (Currently on hold as we research the best way to support the most families given current Covid restrictions)

  • Our respite program provides in-home support for clients aged 3-22, giving caregivers the critical respite they deserve.


If you're a fundraiser:

Spread the word, share our social media posts, text and email friends and family.

Direct your friends and family to so they can read more about Santa Cruz Gives and donate on your behalf!

If you're a donor:

Click HERE to donate directly via the Santa Cruz Gives portal.