10 x $10 Challenge

We did it! We raised over $6,000. Thank you so much to everyone who participated and or donated!

If you are donating to the 10 x $10 Challenge, thank you! Please be sure to indicate who your donation is supporting whether it is yourself, or another individual.

Week 3 Winners!


Week 2 Winners!


Week 1 Winners!


What: An Awesome, Easy, Fundraiser

With the 10 x 10 Challenge, we are challenging all of our friends, families, and neighbors to each get 10 friends to donate $10 to BalanceSCC thereby raising a total of $100. Alternately the $100 can be raised by one friend donating $100, 2 donating $50 or any combination getting the fundraiser to a minimum $100 raised.

When: October 22nd

Campaigning will begin October 22nd and run until November 5th.


As a local nonprofit organization serving school districts, young people, and families, we understand the strain on personal and organizational finances caused by the health crisis and devastating natural disasters. Still, like many non-profit organizations, we depend upon community giving to sponsor many of our amazing programs.

Here is a snapshot of BalanceSCC programs currently supporting the Santa Cruz community:

  • Our highly qualified, in-class (now virtual), paraprofessionals support our schools at a subsidized rate, saving the districts we serve tens of thousands of dollars each year.

  • Our Teacher Grant Fund provides over $25,000 in supplies annually - from computers to therapeutic equipment- directly to local teachers and service providers.

  • Kid Quest - our social recreational after school and weekend program - enables children and young adults to form friendships and participate in activities like music making, book club, cooking, theater, gardening, and community field trips.

  • The Quest Day Program - our day program for adults with unique needs - enables participants to access courses at the local community college and learn hands-on (now virtual) life skills related to nutrition, safety, and community awareness.

  • Our respite program provides in-home support for clients aged 3-22, giving caregivers the critical respite they deserve.

Extra Why: Prizes!

Once a participant has raised $100, they will begin to accrue raffle tickets for our October 30th and November 6th raffles.

Ex: If you raise your $100 by October 28th, you will have 3 entries in the October 30th raffle and 9 entries in the November 6th raffle!


If you're a fundraiser:

Spread the word, share our social media posts, text and email friends and family

Direct your friends and family to the 10 x $10 Challenge page of our website

If you're a donor:

Mail in a check or click the link above to donate via Paypal

If mailing a check or cash, please be sure to indicate which fundraiser you are supporting.

If donating via Paypal, please be sure to type the name of the person you are supporting in the comments section.

**Cash and Checks Preferred When Possible**