Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Please review all of the items on this page. 

Daily Health Form

BalanceSCC requires all staff to fill out a Daily Health Form. If you any symptoms that are listed on the Daily Health Form you will need to call the office immediatly as you are not cleared to be on the work site.

Click here for our Daily Health Form

COVID-19 Testing Requirements

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have any symptoms listed on the Daily Health Form you will need to provide the office 2 at-home tests taken 24 hours apart. Please write your name, date, and time on each test and send a photo of both in. Once both tests are sent in with the information included you will be cleared by the office to return to the school site. Do not return until you have received clearance from our office.

COVID 19-At Home Testing

BalanceSCC provides free at-home tests to all employees.

Free PPE Available!

Are you in need of PPE supplies?! We've got 'em! Please come by the office during office hours and pick up supplies if you need them.


Covid-19 Testing available through Santa Cruz County COE. 

Click on the link below for more information.



Stay Healthy: Get a Flu Shot, Wear a Mask, and Social Distance

Getting a flu shot this year is more important than ever. It can offer protection against this year’s flu strains and help keep you out of the hospital. The CDC recommends everyone age 6 months and older be vaccinated against the flu every year.

All PDFs can be viewed by double-clicking on them.

Please take the time to read these guides from the CDC.


Click HERE to view the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency Health Alerts Page.