What we do

BALANCE4kids benefits students, teachers, and families in Santa Cruz County in five major ways. First, we provide highly qualified, in-class, paraprofessional support to schools at a subsidized rate, saving the districts we serve tens of thousands of dollars each year. Secondly, we grant over $30,000 in supplies annually -- from computers to paintbrushes -- directly to local teachers and service providers through our Teacher Grant Foundation. Thirdly, through Kid Quest -- a social recreational after-school and weekend program -- we enable children and young adults with and without disabilities to form friendships and participate in activities like music making, book clubs, cooking, theater, gardening, and community field trips. Fourthly, through the Quest Day Program -- a day program for adults with disabilities -- we help adults with disabilities access courses at the local community college, and learn hands-on life skills related to nutrition, safety, and community awareness by accessing public transportation, shopping and attending social events in a variety of settings. And finally, through our in-home respite program which provides in home support for students with disabilities which gives their caregivers the much needed respite they deserve.

Mission Statement

The BALANCE4kids organization will address the needs of children with severe disabilities in a collaborative model with private organizations, parents, and public schools working together. We seek to increase student success in the school and home setting by bringing alternative supplemental programs to public education and the home. BALANCE4kids supports the inadequate existing conditions and resources for children with disabilities through our various programs.

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