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April 17th, 2018

Alright, throwing a little test your way. Please send me an email at this week to let me know you got this week's announcement. I'll send out a reminder email to check as well.

We are starting on week 3 of 6 for the Human Race fundraiser. I am really hoping to get some more of you signed up and fundraising for us. Don't forget to check over here to see what the prizes are this year. My goal is for each staff member to ask 5 people for $10. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, dentists... all of these are a great place to start and hopefully $10 is an amount that most people would be willing to donate to an amazing cause.

Last week I asked for help with a design for hats/t-shirts and didn't get much luck. I have to believe we have some artistic staff who may want to help us take this project on.

Thank you! - Regina

April 10th, 2018

NEW PRIZES!!!/Happy Tuesday!

I have an updated prize to offer to staff who fundraise with us for the Human Race! Any employee who raises over $50 will get to choose between a newly designed Balance4kids shirt or hat. (I'm asking every staff member to please consider asking 5 friends or family members for $10)

On that note...I need help with the design! I am asking anyone with any creativity at all to help us come up with a design for our Human Race shirts and/or hats. Please take the rest of the week and this weekend to come up with some fabulous ideas and send them my way at

Stragglers...if you haven't gotten us the form for next year's plans please get that in ASAP.

Also, I got a few questions about my previous post regarding time cards and the weekly totals...Please see the sketch below for clarification.

April 2nd, 2018

Hey everyone, happy Spring Break! I've got a little video below, please check it out.

Also, please note that anyone and everyone who does respite through Balance needs to start totaling their weekly hours on their school timecards. You can do this in the "Saturday" box each week and circle it. Please please please remember to do this starting in April.

Another reminder that our Pizza My Heart fundraiser is next Monday April 9th. Between 4pm and 9pm 30% of all proceeds will go to the Quest Center when you mention the Balance4kids fundraiser. Hope to see you all there!

Thanks and I hope you all get some well deserved down time.



March 28th, 2018

Addendum post...

2 quick things:

1. If you are on Facebook, please do me a favor, head to Balance's page and click "like". Ditto for Instagram. You can find direct links for both on our home page.

2. Find the newest post on Facebook with our Human Race Event and share with any and all Balance or school employees you are friends with to encourage them to sign up as a fundraiser with us.

Thank you!! -Regina

March 26th, 2018

Hey everyone, this week's announcements are super short, for now. The Human Race goes LIVE in TWO days. Have you registered to be a fundraiser yet? Are you considering it? Don't forget about the awesome prizes this year, you can check those out here.

I know you are all busy with your lives outside of Balance but this fundraiser is REALLY easy once you get going. I would love to help you set up your page and even give you email scripts to send to friends and family. Shoot me an email at to find out more.

Timecards are due THIS FRIDAY.

Also at the drop boxes are the sheets for next years plans. These are also due on the 30th, please grab one, fill it out, and drop it with your time sheet. If you have questions or concerns give us a call or shoot us an email.

Thank you! - Regina

Welcome to the first installment of the employee newsletter! :) I am hoping that this can be used as a more straight forward way to get news across to all staff. I ask that you each check in here at least once a week. Most posts and announcements will go up Mondays. Go ahead and take a minute to check out the website while you're here too.

March 19th, 2018

As many of you know we have switched to a new respite time card. For your respite hours to be billed they MUST be turned in on the new time card. If you have questions just let us know. The new time card can be found here.

Forms for "Next Year's Plans" will be going to drop boxes today (Monday 3/19) and tomorrow (Tues 3/20). These forms need to be filled out by every employee. Please grab one and turn it in with your March time card no later than March 30th.

Human Race fundraiser registration has begun! Woohoo! Are you excited? Maybe not, but I am, and I'm hoping to get you to that point too! My goal this year is to get YOU to want to participate, I have some new prizes that you can check out here, as well as a whole page of resources for you that you can find here, including a link to register. If you need help AT ALL, whether it's with setting up your page or coming up with an email script, don't hesitate to ask, you can reach me directly at We're even going to have links directly to your fundraising page on this website, you can check that page out here.

Next month, April 9th, we will be having a "mini" fundraiser at Pizza My Heart. From 4pm-9pm 30% of proceeds will go to Balance4kids when you mention the fundraiser. Last year our turnout was just OK, this year let's to get a HUGE turnout! You can find more info and the flier here.

Last announcement is that I would love to get a monthly Friday employee gathering together, perhaps at Beer 30? Let me know what YOU think about this by emailing me your input/suggestions.

Thank you!!!

- Regina